Hi. I'm Rabbi Dr. Yankel Rapp.

I am committed to providing you with living Judaism to empower you to transform your inner world and your outer environment.

Our weekly classes are on Wednesday nights from 8 to 9pm.

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About Merkos on Campus

For Whom?

We are interested in spiritual development, not just for university students, but for all ages and backgrounds. We believe that Judaism is relevant and very important for Jews and non-Jews.

By Whom?

Merkos On Campus is an association comprising of a broad collection of members of the community including leading Rabbinical figures in Australia, and a diversity of professionals, business people and volunteers.

What's on offer?

We want you to discover the joy of your heritage. The Torah is the blueprint for the existence of the World. You benefit and improve your way of life by learning the principles, to become happier, healthier and better people.


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